Family Man

My family is my passion and my life! I’ve been married since August 7th, 1993 (you can do the math) and have two wonderful daughters. I absolutely love spending time doing family activities. I try my best to be a good father and caring husband. Some of our family activities include camping in our RV, going to church, watching movies together, singing while we do the dishes (and sometimes dancing), and just simply being with each other.


My faith basically defines who I am. In college I started to head down a very dangerous road. My lifestyle needed an extreme makeover. My faith was reconnected, thanks to my wonderful wife and Concordia University where I met her. Now I love going to church and learning about the wonderful things Christ teaches us in the bible. I wish I were more like him.



It may sound funny, but I’m an author that struggles to enjoy writing. At times I even find it tedious and painful. I have a passion for writing because I have discovered how the written word can be so powerful. I prefer to write ebooks because I love being in control of important book decisions and I embrace the rapidly changing book industry. What really motivates me is using my creativity to write things that can help people (it’s the teacher in me). I’ll often come up with creative ideas, figure out the best way to organize the information, write as much as I can, and then get other people to help me with the final touches. I recently wrote an article that will be published in Boys’ Life magazine – 1.2 MILLION subscribers. I’m stoked!


I started my career teaching 6th grade. As a kid, people never would have guessed I’d be a teacher someday – my grades were bad and I got in trouble quite a bit. The biggest thing I had going for me was my passion to succeed. I loved working with kids, learned quickly, became a successful teacher, and loved the experience! Although I made a career change into the library, in my heart I’ll always be a teacher. Now, I’m just a different type of teacher.


I initially left the classroom because I was lured by the technology that accompanies LibraryLand. The role of the librarian was changing and I wanted to be part of it. Now this may sound funny, but I grew up not liking to read. Even as I was a librarian, I secretly thought that I wasn’t a reader. Then one day something miraculous occurred – I listened to a one hour presentation by reading specialist, Anne Gorian. Anne taught me a handful of issues about boys and reading. I quickly discovered that I WAS a reader! After listening to her presentation, I was on fire to learn more about the issues of boys and reading. It inspired me to start GettingBoysToRead.com – an educational web site for parents, teachers, and librarians. I take great pride in transforming the library at the alternative high school where I currently work. Don’t even get me started about my passion for libraries.


In 6th grade I fell in love with basketball. As I mentioned earlier, I struggled in school – both academically and with my behavior. Basketball gave me purpose and direction. I got so inspired that I practiced AT LEAST 2 hours everyday for 12 years straight! I didn’t let the cold and snowy Wisconsin winters stop me. During the winter I bundled up with warm clothes and practiced even if it were snowing ourside. In the summer I played on a terrible dirt filled court that was filled with deep holes and a basketball hoop that was a 12 inches too high. Despite the tough conditions, I went on to have a great high school career and ended up as a 3 year starting captain at Concordia University – an NAIA division II college. We made it all the way to the national tournament my senior year, the first time in school history. If you look here, you may still see my name listed under the 3 pointer category, a testimony that you don’t need to practice on a perfect basketball court to still be a good shooter. I could talk for hours about the important role basketball played in my life, but I’ll spare you for now.


My Personality

  • I like to have fun!
  • I’m passionate about topics that can make a difference
  • I’m outgoing, sometimes loud, and even feisty at times
  • I have a big heart
  • I love to goof around – act silly & be gross


Other Hobbies & Interests

Hiking, Camping, Learning, Computers, Multimedia, Video, Photography, Independent publishing, Volunteering at church, Playing Saturday morning basketball, Watching the Denver nuggets, Four wheeling, RVing, Hootie and the Blowfish / Darius Rucker!!!, Technology, Seinfeld, Star Wars, my quote: “If There’s a Will, There’s a Way.”

Odd Tidbits


  • I’ve been cutting my own hair since 1990
  • My high school buddies call me E.T. because I have hammer toes
  • I lived in Nome, Alaska for 9 months, including my freshman year of high school. We actuall lived for an entire week on the beach of the Bering Straight (see photo)
  • I hated to read as a kid and now I’m a LIBRARIAN (to the shock of many who knew me growing up)
  • My mom made me wear a bow tie for my first grade class picture (see photo). My friends teased me all the way through high school.

True Stories

  1. Full Ride College Scholarship – Every Basketball Player’s Dream(this story is coming soon)
  2. Keeping the Dream Alive – the sequel to “Full Ride College Scholarship (this story is coming later)
  3. A Happy Return Home (this story is coming much later)
  4. Living in a Cabin (this story is coming much much later)


Some Things I Made

GPS Simulator


I built this tool to help with the week long Search and Rescue class I taught for 10 years. We used the tool as an instructional aide.

We Can Ride a Skateboard

We Can Ride a Skateboard

This interactive ebook was part of a huge interactive ebook based website that I named ViperBooks. After 1 few years of struggling I gave up the business idea and moved onto other things. This ebook was the prototype. Although it’s not complete, you get the idea.




This is a free web site that I launched in February 2009. It’s a community based blog with the goal of educating parents, teachers, and librarians about all the issues surrounding boys and literacy.


Lawrence Elementary

– I created this Flash based web site when I worked there as a Teacher-Librarian. I spent over 100 hours on it, mostly through a class I was taking at the local community college.