Getting Boys To Read: Quick Tips for Parents and Teachers

This book is for parents, teachers, and any other adults that need advice about how to get boys to read. It has over 100 different quick tips based on my 19 year career as a classroom teacher and school librarian. It is in the final stages of editing and will be available in early fall of 2013. Sign up for my free email newsletter for updates.



The Vanishing Coin: How to Make a Penny Disappear

This is a 24 page “How to” book for kids. It’s short, fun, aligned to Common Core, and great for anyone learning to read. It will be available May 2013.



CELL PHONE SECRETS: 13 Problems Every Parent Must Know About

The book teaches parents the dangers of buying their child a cell phone. It is available for the iPad ($3.99) or iPhone (2.99).