Getting Boys To Read

This workshop is for educators, librarians, and parents. I have modified it many ways – from a 45 minute staff meeting to a full day training session. Here’s the description: “I hated to read as a kid and now I’m a librarian! I’ll share my experience, research and practical tips. We’ll look into the problems surrounding boys with reading and discuss how my site,, can be a great resource.”

Here is a short video excerpt from my first international presentation:

Reading ROCKS~!

This is my engaging 30 minute presentation for kids. Starting with my silly green wig introduction through the jaw dropping 3D conclusion, this 30 minute presentation will inspire everyone, including kids with the worst attitude. Running the entire presentation from my iPhone, I share my reading struggles growing up, how my bad reading attitude hurt me, how I saw the light, and how students can find the same passion. I showcase different types of reading materials and weave in my experience as an author. See the comments below from a school principal and another from a teacher-librarian.


Reeling In Reluctant Readers:

Once the poster boy for struggling readers, see how I grew from a struggling student who hated to read into a reputable librarian that is passionate about literacy. In this fun, interactive workshop, we’ll examine tons of excellent research based techniques to engage even your most struggling and resistant readers. Topics include: gender issues, creating the right environment, how to improve reading attitudes, interviews from the experts, what materials are best, improving test scores, my “Top 7 Tips”, using technology, professional resources, and tons more!

Extreme Library Makeover

Extreme Library MakeoverOur library is the talk of the town! In this presentation, I show other librarians how I completely transformed a dull, non-existant library into a bustling valuable hub of the school, which is well known through our district of 150+ schools. Highlights include: tons of photos, surveys, problems, goals, our mission, getting support from staff and administration, and all the obsticles I faced, surveys that I used, programs that I implimented, and more! In a tough economic time, libraries need to stand out and step up. There is no better way to do that than raising excitement through an extreme makeover.

Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Reading (Parent Night)

The target audience for this presentation is parents of preschoolers through 2nd graders. We address the importance of reading to kids when they are you. I include tons of fun activities parents can do to get their kids excited about reading. PTA help coordinated this presentation each year when I was a Teacher-Librarian at an elementary school.