“Mike McQueen visited our elementary school and gave three amazing presentations to our students. Throughout his presentation he engaged our students through his experiences as a struggling boy reader. Mike’s presentation was educational and lots of fun!!! Through use of his cell phone, he connected students to his work as a 21st century technology saavy author and reader. He brought 3D characters to life, popping them right out of a book. Students laughed, participated, and could not wait to get their hands on the books and magazines he shared. He is an inspiration to all!”

— Sharon Ivie, elementary school principal
“It was great to have Mike speak about reading, especially to our boys. Mike really connected with them in so many different ways….sharing his story as a struggling reader, expanding their ideas of what constitutes reading, teaching them a fun coin trick, and using awesome technology! Teachers stopped me in the hall and told me how excited their students were and how desperate they were to come back to the library and check out books. Thanks so much for inspiring our students to be lifelong readers.”
— Lesa Higgins, elementary teacher-librarian
“The ebook with coin trick is amazing with all the technology you used. Kids would love this!”
— Nicole A., K1 Teacher
“I couldn’t agree with you more, boys need more movement and reason to be excited to read”
— Lindsay M., Reading Teacher
“’Reach out to the Stinker’ – Mike reminded us to pay attention to boys who get under your skin. They need you!”
— Donna O., Teacher-Librarian
“You are an innovator, trail blazer and experienced in engaging boys with learning and reading. Thank you with sharing all of your knowledge. This was very helpful.”
— Becky A., English and Reading Intervention
“I teach 7-12 reading intervention. My H. S. strategic reading class has 12 boys and 3 girls. This season opened up doors for me to to help these ‘tough’ boys. They are all so different and you have helped me to be able to help them.”
— Ashley R., Reading Specialist
“Thanks for reminding me that you need to connect with the kids that are the hardest to connect with, but are the ones who really need you to connect with them.”
— Jervaise M., Teacher
“As a male teacher, I went to show boys that reading can be fun and useful. I look forward to learning the tips you provide in your book to help me do just that.”
— Nicholas S., English / Drama Teacher
“Mike McQueen’s passion for struggling boys teaching is seen in his presentation.”
— Rick S., Reading K-5
“Mr. McQueen speaks from experience, both as a former struggling student, and as a teacher/librarian. As a kindergarten teacher, his insight regarding movement and types of books for boys was extremely valuable.”
— Gina P., Kinder Teacher
“What an amazing role model you are for boys!”
— Carine L., 4th Grade Teacher
“Michael is passionate about getting boys to read. His tips are based on his own experiences in his life and in teaching.”
— Suzanne S., Librarian
“Love that you are a role model for boys.”
— Dana K., Teacher
“You are an inspiration!”
—Lisa M., Librarian
“Mike’s honesty about the struggles he went through as a student and then his road to success was a reminder that we have to make an extra effort to reach those boy readers. Thanks for sending the free books.”
— Barb S., 2nd Grade Teacher
“Thank for not only educating about boys and reading, but also creating reading for boys.”
— Anna T., Teacher
“Mike has the right stuff that get striving readers to morph into successful readers.”
— Valene S., Reading Specialist